Featured Artist Sept 2017

Debbie Aubrey

This month we are featuring Dursley artist Debbie Aubrey. Debbie works in fine pigment pen and watercolour pencils to produce drawings that are uniquely her own. We are lucky enough to be able to show seven of her artworks that range from portraits to still life.

She studied graphics at the Faculty for Art and Design at Bristol Polytechnic in the days when graphics were all done by hand. She found this more technically demanding than she was comfortable with and preferred the freedom of  simply drawing. She struggled for years listening to different people telling her to draw this way or that way but  persistence won out and she eventually developed her unique style. Her work is complex and busy but consistently achieves a visually pleasing balance of white space. This combination acts to draw in the viewer and allows them to find undiscovered parts of the story with each viewing.  She says she works with her heart rather than her head and holds the belief that art is something that you feel.