In-house Artists

Jill Ireland


Essentially a conceptual artist, Jill explores and meditates upon her subject matter for many weeks before committing to the work itself. Often this process distils the original idea to its barest minimum. The result can be a minimalist piece that requires the engagement of the viewer to build the story back to its complete self. Yet this is impossible, each viewer, indeed, each viewing results in a new and exciting completion.

Jill's Artwork

Jill gained a first at Gloucestershire and won the annual award for the highest marking graduate of the entire arts, design and photography campus.


Dave's Artwork

Dave Hancock


David has a dynamic style that reaches for the moments either side of the present. This approach delivers an energy unlike the single moment in time that is ordinarily the case. One of his passions is animation and he strives to bring that extra dimension of time to his paintings.


Through a firm knowledge of colour he is able to manifest light in ways that add an emotive background to his compositions. His work, at once energetic yet comfortable, is a popular choice for collectors looking to make a dramatic statement.